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WenghTalk Radio

Apr 29, 2018

Ep. 33

Nick Eaton is back and he's cheesier than ever - cause we're talking about cheese. 

We explain how cheese became a building block to our lives, we run through some historical cheese trivia, we discuss some of our favourite methods of putting cheese in your face hole. So if you're curious about cycloptic cheese...

Apr 26, 2018

Ep. 32

Woo-wee! Our first live episode at the Rainbow Connection Edmonton All Ages Dance Party hosted by the Spiritual Seekers United in Community (SSUC). I sat down with anyone willing to chat about their experience with Rainbow Connection & what they were doing there that night.

I spoke with the 3 core members of

Apr 22, 2018

Ep. 31

Oh so spooky! Devin Smith is here to get down with the spirits, however they may choose to manifest.

We discuss some of the most famous local haunts and why they may or may not be true; we break down our favourite ghost stories; we talk about our own spooky experiences - ghostly or otherwise.

You can let Devin...

Apr 19, 2018

Ep. 30

We're not playing around here. Joel Taras & I sit down to compare our lists ranking ALL of the live-action Marvel and DC comic book movies. That's right: 82 movies across 7 decades of film-making all broken down in a totally appropriate amount of time to be spent talking about superhero movies.

So strap in and...

Apr 15, 2018

Ep. 29

Who else but Sophie Gareau-Brennan could be on the show to talk about how much we love pizza?!

We break down our favourite kinds of pizzas/toppings; we discuss the differences between all the local & international pizza joints; we reveal our own personal pizza histories; all of it as a way to show how much we...