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WenghTalk Radio

Sep 29, 2019

Ep. 103

Celeste Birzgalis returns to talk about the expansive world of Pokemon!

We're gonna cover the games, the movies, the TV series', cause there's just so much Pokemon in this world. We cover why Pokemon Go is big again and what made this Japanese bug collecting game one of the biggest franchises on the...

Sep 15, 2019

Ep. 102

Shawn Gray joins us for the end of our movies set in 2019 series: Geostorm (2017).

So technically the bulk of this story is in 2022, but this movie makes no sense, so we're rolling with it! Listen as we attempt to justify how this B-movie scenario could be worse than our own climate collapse! Enjoy as we break...

Sep 1, 2019

Ep. 101

We're back from our break and we've brought a real doozy of an artifact: Mazes & Monsters (1982) starring Tom Hanks.

Listen as Brayden Scobie and I dissect this made-for-TV movie that's CERTAINLY NOT about Dungeons and Dragons. We attempt to understand what causes Tom Hanks' prolonged mental breakdown, to assess...

Jul 28, 2019

Ep. 100!

Our very first guest returns to complete the circle, as best we can, Dustin Meisinger joins us to discuss the Star Wars Story we hadn't seen back in episode 1: Solo (2018).

He and I work through our feelings on Solo, both the movie and the character. We discuss what works, what doesn't, and where this film...

Jul 14, 2019

Ep. 99

Sophie Gareau-Brennan is back to talk about another magical blast from the past: 1994's The Pagemaster!

We talk about this trippy journey through various genres, mediums, and public domain books. We try to discern the full impact this film had on my psyche, as a child and a grown-ass adult. And, most importantly,...