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WenghTalk Radio

May 26, 2019

Ep. 93

Bartender Evan Lloyd is here and he brought drinks (take note future guests)!

We talk about what goes into a tasty cocktail, how you can improve your home bartending, and the quirky associations between certain drinks and the world around them.

Plus some sweet, sweet, impromptu cocktail ASMR.

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May 19, 2019

Ep. 92

Alex Perl is here to explain what Live Action Role Playing, or LARPing, is!

We discuss how one could get into LARPing, what sessions look like, and what goes into character development. We talk about how the (Edmonton) LARPing community addresses issues of access and expectations. Alex explains what makes for...

May 5, 2019

Ep. 91

Joel Taras and I attempt to talk about Avengers: Endgame (2019), but there is just so. much. movie.

So spoilers. The whole thing. We're talking about what worked, what didn't, characters and the journeys they went on, and what the future of the MCU looks like from now on.

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